Why subscribe?

I’m not sure you should, to be honest. If there’s anything I’ve figured out, the world is too full and life is too brief to spend time pressuring people into subscribing to email newsletters based on ephemeral gimmicks or some fear of intellectually missing out.

But—if you enjoy reading about writing, thinking about what makes sentences click inside your brain, or want reading suggestions from a wide variety of fields, then you might enjoy Topic Sentence.

What readers think

99% of the emails I receive contribute to a general feeling of overwhelm. Topic Sentence is that rare treasure: an email that leaves me feeling nourished, spacious, and more curious about things without the slightest tinge of information overload. Artfully crafted, concise, and heartfelt, it's a joy to read every single time.

Lauren Bacon, business strategist & author of Boss of You.

Guan’s deep thinking on language and meaning is always a welcome pause in my inbox.

Sarah Bray, chief of strategy, &yet, author of Gather the People.

Is it free?

Topic Sentence is currently free and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Later in 2019, I’m hoping to add an additional bonus newsletter for paid subscribers.

Can I forward the emails?

Definitely. But writing a letter to someone about this new email newsletter you found is even better.

Can I email you?

Sure! hello at guanun.com